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Why are dead trees full of life? How old is the ancient forest? Why is the stone found in Fulufjellet red? Visitors can get answers to these questions and many more at the Visitor Center.



Contact us

Fulufjellet National Park Board
P.O. Box 987
2604 Lillehammer
Email: sfinpost@statsforvalteren.no

Visiting address
Gammelskula, Storvegen 4, 2420 Trysil, Norway



Brown bear in the forest.

Fulufjellet Visitor Center

Naturum Fulufjället is a joint visitor center for Fulufjellet’s national parks. The visitor center is located on the Swedish side of the border at Njupeskär, west of Mörkret. The visitor center sells fishing licenses and maps, and arranges guided tours. The center is also happy to provide you with hiking suggestions if you want to take a trip on your own.

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Visitor Center Fulufjellet
Indoors museum.


At Naturum Fulufjället, visitors can see an exhibition about nature, learn about animal and plant life, and participate in various activities.

Trail hiking from Naturum

Starting and finishing at Naturum Fulufjället, visitors will find a well-adapted summer trail stretching 3.9 km. This is an easy nature trail to hike along and sections have been graveled or adapted with wooden walkways. Become more familiar with the animal and plant life in Fulufjellet and experience magical nature along Njupåen’s hillsides that are home to 400-year-old spruce trees.

Indoors museum.
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Adress Naturum Fulufjället

Adress: Särna, Sverige