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From a simple cabin to fantastic hotels. Fulufjellet is located close to major tourist destinations and the area offers a variety of accommodation in all categories.



Contact us

Fulufjellet National Park Board
P.O. Box 987
2604 Lillehammer
Email: sfinpost@statsforvalteren.no

Visiting address
Gammelskula, Storvegen 4, 2420 Trysil, Norway



Title Address Description
9QXH+32 Ljørdal, Norge
Bråtåfallet, Trysil, Norge
GQW3+W5 Stormorvallen, Sverige
Naturrum Fulufjället
JPP8+G5 Mörkret, Sverige
780 69 Morbäckssätern, Sverige
CR3V+JF Våtkölssätern, Sverige
790 90 Gördalen, Sverige
Göljan norra
Väg utan namn, 790 90 Särna, Sverige
Göljan södra
HWF7+7G Lissåvallen, Sverige

Getting around on public transport

Fulufjellet National Park is located in the far east of Trysil Municipality in Innlandet County and borders Sweden. There is a public transport route from Elverum.

There are train and bus connections to Hamar and Elverum.

There is a bus route from Elverum to Trysil and on to Ljørdalen.


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By car

To the Norwegian part of Fulufjellet: Rv. 25 to Østby via Nybergsund and further on the fv. 2162 to Ljørdalen, or rv. 25 to Støa and fv. 2170 to Ljørdalen.

To the Swedish part of Fulufjellet: Rv 70 northwards from Särna. After 4 km, turn left in the direction of Mörkret. Follow the signs to the national park from Mörkret



There are a number of accommodation options around the national park. You can find everything from the simplest rental cabin to great hotels. There are no tourist cabins offering overnight accommodation in the Norwegian national park.

Destination Trysil
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On the Swedish side of the border, overnight accommodation can be found at Fulufjällsgården and hostels just outside the park. There are also rental cabins in the Swedish national park.

Rental cabins in Sweden

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