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Starting points and approaches

There are several starting points from which visitors can enter Fulufjellet’s national parks. You can get valuable information at several of these locations before you start your journey into the area.



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Fulufjellet National Park Board
P.O. Box 987
2604 Lillehammer
Email: sfinpost@statsforvalteren.no

Visiting address
Gammelskula, Storvegen 4, 2420 Trysil, Norway



Title Address Description
9QXH+32 Ljørdal, Norge
Bråtåfallet, Trysil, Norge
GQW3+W5 Stormorvallen, Sverige
Naturrum Fulufjället
JPP8+G5 Mörkret, Sverige
780 69 Morbäckssätern, Sverige
CR3V+JF Våtkölssätern, Sverige
790 90 Gördalen, Sverige
Göljan norra
Väg utan namn, 790 90 Särna, Sverige
Göljan södra
HWF7+7G Lissåvallen, Sverige

The starting point at Storbekkåsen

Storbekkåsen is the main approach to the national park on the Norwegian side of the border. There is a summer-open road for motorized traffic leading to Storbekkåsen with possibilities for parking and disabled parking. There is also a picnic area with a lean-to shelter, campfire pit, outdoor toilet and information boards. From the shelter, there is a waymarked and partially paved trail loop of approximately 5 km. Along this trail, visitors can turn off to the northeast and onto the Brynstigen trail in Sweden.

Read more at Ut.no

Person hiking on snowshoes

The starting point at Bråtafallet

In Bråtafallet, close to the beautiful waterfalls in Bergåa, there are car parking spaces, information boards, a nature trail, a lean-to shelter, an outdoor toilet, a campfire pit and benches to sit on.  

The starting point on the Swedish side of the border

In addition to Naturum Fulufjället, Brottbäckstugan, Göljådalen valley, Morbäckssätern, Björnholmsstugan and Gördalen valley are popular starting points for summer and winter trails on the Swedish side of the border. All these locations have parking facilities. Popular spots can be found along the trails where visitors can take a break in the lean-to shelters.

Swedish side