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Experience Fulufjellet’s national parks

This is the place where Norway and Sweden meet in a large protected area for animals and nature – Fulufjellet National Park and Fulufjällets National Park.



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Fulufjellet National Park Board
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Email: sfinpost@statsforvalteren.no

Visiting address
Gammelskula, Storvegen 4, 2420 Trysil, Norway



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To nasjonalparker på ett fjell

Velkommen inn i et område med grenseløse opplevelser og store kontraster. Gå tur på platå av sandstein eller utforsk bratte, spennende gammelskoglier. Forleng turen over grensa og besøk det felles norsk-svenske besøkssenteret. Her kan du se utstillinger om naturen, dyr- og plantelivet og delta i ulike aktiviteter.

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Hiking and skiing

The national parks have a network of waymarked summer trails and winter ski trails. Storbekkåsen is a good starting point for hiking. From this point, visitors can take a round trip which leads up Brynflået mountain via border marker 127, or you can follow the waymarked trail further to the Brynstigen trail on the Swedish side of the border.

Along this route, visitors will also find the only groomed winter ski trail on the Norwegian side of the park. From the south to the north, visitors will find the cross-border summer trails of Brynvegen, Drøkkjekjeldvegen and Särnvegen.

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Cross-country skiing trails at skisporet.no

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Lush valleys

Fulufjellet is full of contrasts and more than just a mountainous area. In Tangådalen valley, visitors will experience a lush and wild landscape that cuts through the surrounding mountains. In Göljådalen valley, you can see traces of the worst storm in 1000 years, when more than 400 mm of rain fell in 12 hours in August 1997.

Person viewing a valley

Large waterfalls

Njupeskär is one of Sweden’s highest waterfalls. It is 93 meters high (70 meters of which are free falling) and offers visitors a fantastic sight. The trail to the waterfall starts at the Naturum Fulufjället visitor center and is 4 km long. Bråtafallet in Bergådalen valley is a magnificent waterfall on the Norwegian side of the border. This is a nice place to study the ancient layers of sandstone. The layers lie almost horizontally and the river flows down many ‘steps’ creating small waterfalls. At the top of each ‘step’, we can see the surface of the sandstone layers, often with wave impact marks.


Canoeing and fishing in the River Ljøra

The Ljøra watercourse flows through Ljørdalen valley, west of Fulufjellet, and has its source around Drevfjället in Dalarnas County in Sweden. Canoeing along the River Ljøra is a great summer activity.

The River Ljøra is popular and widely used for sport fishing. The most sought-after species of fish are trout and grayling. The River Ljøra’s tributaries are also attractive fishing spots.

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Fishing licenses can be purchased at inatur.no

On the Swedish side of the national park, fishing is permitted in zone 3, which is the northern part of the national park. The most popular area is in Rörsjöene, where visitors can rent a boat and accommodation.

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